5 famous degrees to do in Fashion design with scholarship

Fashion is anything which is trending with current time and everyone need to know more about it. Fashion designing is a specific degree or discipline which deals with the study related to the changing trends in textile, culture and fashion overall. It also deals with digital management courses. There are many universities which offers other than science, technology, and business scholarships Most of the people find arts and humanities as the less expensive degree so they tend to continue these subjects on higher level, for which they apply for fashion design in university level.

  • Stanford University in California:

It is ranked as the top university of United States which grant scholarships to the arts students from all over the world. About fifty thousand students are currently studying at this university. The university focuses on all the arts courses the annual cost of which is estimated about forty nine thousand dollars per year. And students applying for undergraduate program will have to pay about $70,000 with extra cost for books, tuition fee and charges for accommodation and all other basic expenses. But the scholarship program is somehow reducing the level of stress of students as they don’t have to pay full charges. Stanford University offers grants to more than sixty percent of students which covers up half of the tuition fee, with free accommodation and books. But this scholarship is only limited for International students.

  • School of Design:

Rhode School of design is an institute that teaches fashion design and arts as their basic course to students. Students from all across the globe apply annually for this university for the completion of their degree in arts. Most of them apply online for scholarships from different regions of the world and this University too selects the limited number of students who pass the merit. The scholarship reduces the tuition fee to half and all other expenses are free for undergraduates.

scholarships 2020

scholarships 2020

  • Art Institute at Chicago:

The School of Art Institute of Chicago is counted among one of the leading universities which especially teaches the art courses to the students. Thousands of students from globe apply for this institute each year. Currently the tuition fee per year is $47,000 with other expenses it is estimated as sixty eight thousand dollars. But students who have applied for scholarship programs have not to worry about it as it provides much concession to the students with all the fundamental facilities.

Aalto University is located in Finland which is ranked among the ten most popular universities of the world. The education for students with background of European Union (EU) study for free. But the fee structure for other students is different as the annual charges including tuition fee is estimated to be US eighteen thousand dollars, which is a heavy amount. It provides half and full scholarships for foreign students which are based on particular merit. Fully funded scholarship is for the candidates who apply for Master’s degree.

  • Arts as Basic part of Curriculum:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has high tuition fee ranging from $49,000 for graduates and $62,000 for undergraduates. This University has added arts and humanities to their curriculum. About fifty percent of students enroll each year for bachelor’s program in university. The best part about this university is that is is merit based university which means the students are fully selected by the merit and not via their potential to pay for their tuition fee.

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