5 New Facts About Sebaceous Filaments To Increase Facial Confidence For Online Branding

Sebaceous filaments are tiny glands and pores that produces sebum which helps skin to lubricate because of the oily surface. These are the open pores that appear on oily faces. These pores are brownish grey in color and appears on nose because of which people treat them as black pores. They look like them and appear them on same place on face but they are different from each other.

  • How is it different from black heads?

Generally people think these filaments are black heads which are found on nose but they are completely different from them as they are different in color and have yellowish pigmented fluid filled inside them which can be observed when it is pressed. It is not a wise decision to press these pores as the fluid comes out on pressing it and it cannot be cured later and in some cases it can leave marks on face.

  • How it occurs?

These pores appear on oily surfaces indicating a fact that the maximum amount of oil released by body causes them to develop. When extra oil gets accumulated on faces more specifically areas surrounding nose, causes these fluid filled pores to grow and spread. Other than that genes and more direct exposure to sun can also be the main culprit to this. Some of the people conceptualize the fact that these sebaceous filaments occur due to the dryness of skin and indicates that skin is dirty. However it is completely a pointless debate.

  • Ways to remove them:

There is not a 100% treatment or cure to these pores as it is not possible to wipe them out completely from their root but it can be minimized to some extent. Many skin care products and home remedies can be proved a helpful resource to get rid of them from your face.

First of all you need to keep your skin clean by washing your face properly, three times a day.

Use Skin care products like moisturizers and cleansers which are oil free. Makeup also helps you hide these pores but the makeup products must not contain compounds which can clog these


It is not a wise idea to scrub your face when you have these pores on your nose because it will give an itchy an irritating effect and will cause redness on your face which will not make you look good indeed.

Water is a good source of boosting energy levels of body and for proper functioning of different systems in human body. It also helps us to cope up with many other problems such as it helps you get a clear and glowing skin. Dehydration can play a key role in development of pimples, acne and sebaceous pores on face which is why it is always a wise decision to keep your body hydrated.

  • Why to get medical advice?

If after trying all the home remedies and oil free skin products, you still observe these pores spreading on your skin then you must consult a dermatologist immediately so that they can prescribe related medicines. This will reduce the production of oil in your skin which ultimately will lead to the less production of sebaceous filaments.

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