Gabriel Iglesias Net worth, Bio, Age, Career & Latest Events

Gabriel Iglesias net worth: $45 Million
Date of birth : July 15,1976
Gender : Male
Age: 43
Height : 5 ft 8″
Nationality :  American


Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy is an American actor as well as comedian. The show Im not Fat…I’m Fluffy and Hot and Fluffy is what he’s well known for. Gabriel’s birth name is Gabriel Jesus Iglesias and is from San Diego,California USA. Surreal humor, physical and observational comedy,self deprecation are the genres his acting portrays. He moved from working for a cell phone company in LA to full-time comedy which unfortunately resulted in his eviction from family.  But his passion led to him winning several awards analyzing Gabriel Iglesias net worth to be $45 Million.

Early and personal life

San Diego, California is his birthplace but he moved around a lot  when he was a kid, Corona, Santa Ana, Compton, Riverside, to name a few. Gabriel was the youngest among six siblings and was raised by a single mother and is known to be of Mexican Heritage.

Currently he lives in Whittier, California and has a 20 year old son named, Frankie. Although he is not married, he is a long term girlfriend whose identity he prefers to hide. Despite protecting her privacy it is known that her name is Claudia Valdez.
His Fluffy Movie describes how he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and his suffering regarding adapting a healthier lifestyle. Where the doctors gave him two years to live, he managed to shed over 100 pounds as well fight depression.

Gabriel Iglesias Net worth, life and career

Gabriel Iglesias Net worth, life and career


In the year 2000,he made his appearance in Nickelodeon’s All That along with costars Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon. In 2007 he voiced an entire Mexican family for the show Padre de Familia and the identical twin sisters on Disney’s animated series The Emperor’s new school. In 2006, he made an appearance in the fourth season of Last Comic Standing which was a reality Tv series and was among the final eight comics after which he was disqualified for violating the rules. He produced and hosted a standup show in 2011 named Gabriel Iglesias Presents Standup Revolution.  However these are just a few of his accomplishments and in the coming years he managed to secure more work and fame namely in Netflix, DisneyToon Studios and much more.

Currently he is on his ‘Beyond The Fluffy’ World tour ‘Go big or Go Home’ 2020.

Net worth

This well known comedian has managed to be a very prominent figure in the world of comedy. The net worth of this actor, comedian and writer through a variety of sources is $45 Millions and has evolved to be one of the richest comedians in America. In 2007 his net worth was estimated to be up to $15 Million. From the time period between 2007-2020he continued with his voice overs, films, hosting, shows allowing the net worth to grow tremendously.

Gabriel Iglesias Netflix

Gabriel fluffy has the very famous and all shows fit in the show which named Iglesias can be watched at the official site of the Netflix. Netflix is having a total of the 10 episodes of the show starring Gabriel fluffy Iglesias as an important part of it and further casting in two more important projects which also might include standup comedy as Gabriel is the standup comedian of his time. This can be featured on the screen when the comedians allowed it to be featured on the screen. Gabriel another show is on the show but very near to you on Netflix.

Gabriel Iglesias family

Gabriel Iglesias was born on the 15th of July, 1976 in the city of San Diego of California. Gabriel has a full name which is Gabriel j. Iglesias. He was brought up a single child after coming from the Mexican by his mother. For a very short period, he used to live with his mother in riverside, corona, Santa, Ana, Baldwin Park, and Compton before moving to long beach finally. He has spent most of the part of his life as young with his other five siblings who are older than him. This comedian and Mexican American have been raised without a father and by his mother.

Unfortunately, his father was even not there when he was taking birth. His mother raised him in a young man single-handedly and without anyone else. In all of the six children of his mother, he is the youngest one and has a good sense of humor.

As the father left them and even didn’t bother to come for his youngest child and give a visit to him so her mother decided to change the spelling so of his sir name so she just replaced the s in his name with alphabet c. Gabriel does not use those spellings in his daily life.

Gabriel Iglesias wife

Gabriel Iglesias usually keeps his life private and do not expose the matters of his life to the public. This is why many of his fans and people in the industry do not know either he is married or not. This has been confirmed from the sources that Gabriel is not married but he is in a serious relationship for a long time. He keeps his love life usually personal and does not like to talk about it either. He is in a relationship with a girl named Claudia Valdez.

This has been dated and seen together for more than a decade and they have seemed strong in relationship with the passage of every day. This couple made their first public appearance on some animal-related events at laugh factory. Claudia has always proved very loving, supportive, and caring towards Gabriel in every point of his life.

Who is Claudia Valdez and her biography

Claudia Valdez was born in 1980 and is a famous and well-known model, actor, and producer in the United States. Her famous drama named monster which was released in 2010 has given him real fame and success in the industry. She has also worked in many famous and popular movies and considered the good actress of her time. Apart from this life, she is also having a child. She has got the spotlights when she was found dated the famous comedian of the united states, Gabriel Iglesias.

They have been together for a long time. In childhood, she faced many ups and downs even in his childhood and then in his married life but she remained strong and brought up his son as a single parent after his 1st husband left. In a private firm, Claudia’s father was the common service maker and her mother is a housewife. At the age of 40, she met Gabriel and started to date him.

Gabriel Iglesias son

Frankie Iglesias is the stepson of Gabriel Iglesias who was born on December 08, 1997, in the United States from his mother Claudia Valdez. His birth father was Claudia’s first husband and an unknown person. Frankie’s mother Claudia and his birth father got separation when he was a child and his father left him behind to his mother. Claudia raised him as a single parent and afterward Gabriel gave his name to him.

Who are Frankie Iglesias and his net worth

The stepson of Gabriel Iglesias is Frankie Iglesias and his stepfather is the famous comedian with his famous statement that “I AM NOT FAT I AM JUST FLUFFY.” Frankie is the son of Claudia from her ex-husband. Moreover, Frankie is living with Claudia and Gabriel for a long time like more than a decade. Frankie is not the biological son of Gabriel but Gabriel loves him as his son and gave him his name.

The net worth of Frankie Iglesias is studying and it is expected that he will build up his career very soon.

However, the earning of his parent is quite attractive and fancy. He is spending a very happy and luxurious life with his parents. Moreover, the net worth of Gabriel is $15 million.

Latest about Gabriel Iglesias weight loss

Gabriel was told by the doctor that he has only two more years to live so he took his health and fitness seriously and tried to lose weight. He joined the gym and do all other activities which might help in losing weight. He loses 100 pounds of weight up to 2019 according to the latest news.

Why he took a break from comedy

He took a break from the comedy because of his weight loss journey as he is working and focusing on his health and considered it the first and foremost thing.

Gabriel Iglesias list of famous TV Shows

There are many different TV shows he has done and got fame from them by doing comedy. Here are some of his famous TV shows.

  • Show dogs
  • Modern family
  • Ferdinand
  • The Jim Jefferies shows
  • Ugly dolls
  • Straight up Steve Austin
  • WWE backstage and many more.

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