How to make a video singing on TikTok with the Lip Sync function

TikTok is an application of Chinese origin to create short videos based on music currently has more than 2,000 million downloads in the world, and more than 800 million users. Young people are the users who use it the most, although, during the quarantine, the number of users of other ages has grown considerably.

With TikTok Lip-Sync, you can make dialogue dubbing in music videos, commercials, jokes, viral memes, and others. Most people buy TikTok likes to increase the visibility of their lip-syncing can buy from

Lip Sync:

One of its most popular features is the Lip Sync, which allows users to move their lips to the rhythm of comments from famous people or star in a movie scene by doubling dialogues, all for 15 seconds. It is one of the oldest functions of the application and was already used when it was, in which users could record themselves singing karaokes and dancing, moving their lips according to the song, and synchronizing them with the musical piece.

The function remains intact, only that now in TikTok; its use has been expanded. It is not only used for singing but also to simulate scenes from movies, novels, commercials, jokes, music videos, among others. However, many of the new users of the social network will find a practical guide to start creating videos here – They may not know how to do a Lip Sync on their account.

Here we show you step by step how to achieve it and thus be an expert in TikTok:

-Open TikTok and press on the «+» symbol. This will enable the function to create a new video in the tool.

-Once inside, you have to press on the “Sounds” option, which is located at the top of the screen.

-This enables a search engine where the user can find the sound they want to include. It has multiple categories such as “memes,” “viral,” musical genres such as “reggaeton,” among others. Once found, the red “Confirm” button is touched.

-Then on the right side menu, you must press on the scissors icon with a musical note. This allows the user to choose the snippet to be used in the video. To do this, the wave line must be moved from right to left to locate the segment to be used.

-Once selected, the red button «Confirm» is touched.

-It is important to have the camera turned towards the user; otherwise, go to the right column and press «Rotate. »

-When everything is ready, it’s just a matter of starting the recording. For this, the red record button is pressed, and the user only has to move his lips according to the rhythm of the lyrics, scene, commercial, among other scenarios.

-Finally, the video is published in the user’s TikTok account.

Once the video has published, try to get more views and likes to make your content viral. If you are a beginner and have a handful of followers, buy Tik Tok likesto get more eyeballs on your content. The more you have engagement, the more you will get followers and views.