Is it a good choice to Install Bluetooth wireless backup camera in a car?

The Bluetooth wireless cameras are known for the ease they provide with great reliability and good camera image quality for the object behind the vehicle.

The installation process is however a bit trick is so they are not considered the convenient type cameras in the market. Professional needs to be hired in order to get it installed. The wired system comparatively is no don’t easy to install so most of the drivers prefer it over the wireless one’s to avoid the installation cost.

For the larger vehicles like trucks the installation becomes more difficult, but the wired system brings more wire related hassle as when one wire gets out of working the whole system gets out of use. So with the help of the professional a wireless system can be used.

Pros of installing a Bluetooth wireless backup Camera Systems

  • Easy installation; installation of the Bluetooth wireless backup camera is easier than the wired ones. The installation however sometimes does need a professional but it can be completed in 5 minutes if right steps are being followed. People who have got long vehicles like trucks prefer the wireless connection over the wired ones, as with the wired system the wire installation is a big hassle. For the wireless Bluetooth system one needs a Bluetooth operating phone to get connected to the link.

  • Cheaper than the wired one; a wireless system is cheaper than the wired one as it requires less parts and equipments. No wire is required in a wireless system also the depreciation cost of the wireless one is also low.
  • Technological advancement; the wireless system is a high tech system. If you want your care to be technologically advance and wireless than this is the best option. Some of the more advanced systems can also be integrated with the navigation system.

Cons of Wireless Bluetooth backup Camera Systems

  • Not a great connection; most of the wireless cameras uses the analog signal which is more open to drop in signal. Interference may occur in the signals that can cause poor or no picture at all. So this brings more reliability issues, as one cannot afford missing a picture of the object behind the vehicle, it can be dangerous and can cause accidents.
  • Poor picture quality; the picture quality of the backup camera is not so great. There are two main reasons for that; one; the camera they have used is not a good one, a good camera can capture a good image. Second; the loss or drop of signals, interference in signals can highly affect the picture quality. It doesn’t happen every day, as some days the signal strength is really great so it captures a good image. If your vehicle is backing in a tight space than it can good a decent image, but if the space or gap increases the clarity of the picture may fall.