Tom Macdonald net worth, Age, Life Events & Biography

Tom Macdonald net worth: $700 thousand

Date of birth: 21st-Sep- 1988

Gender: Male

Age: 31 years old

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Weight: 79kg

Nationality: Canadian



Tom Macdonald was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 21st September 1988. Being interested in singing and music since childhood, Tom had attended a local school in Vancouver from where he got his degree. The male rapper has gained his position in the music industry as he continues to gain popularity. Alongside carrying his gangster looks, seriousness of his music career has amazed his audience and gained him wide popularity.


Tom Macdonald chooses to keep his personal life and information away from media and his fans. But for all that he did share, his mother is Lee-Ann Macdonald but information is not available about his father. He has a sister who had gotten married in July of 2019. Although much information is not available regarding his father, his posts on social media show that he has a close relation with his family and his father. He is described as a family man, since he is close to his family as his posts on social media have shown.

Tom Macdonald

Tom Macdonald

Famous for:

Since he began his career, Tom Macdonald has been famous for working the musical genre and releases music albums as well as singles. He has been known well for his musical career. His release of albums and singles have lead him to becoming a famous celebrity. He posts photos and videos to keep his followers updated with everything.


Tom Macdonald’s Instagram profile is as @hangovergang. On his Instagram he has almost about 190K followers and 3,015 posts. He regularly posts photos and videos to keep his audience engaged. His daily life updates are posted.


Tom MacDonald actively makes use of his Facebook account where he has 780,922 likes and around 1,236,121 followers. With such a great fan following, he makes sure to provide his followers with the latest updates of his life and work. His Facebook account is as Tom Macdonald. His posts are also updated with the latest ongoing trends.

Tom Macdonald family

Tom Macdonald family


Tom Macdonald is on twitter as @IAMTOMMACDONALD where he has 35.3k followers. He updates his followers about the new albums through his Instagram bio. He tweets and replies his followers on his twitter account keeping updated with the latest trends. The latest updates about coronavirus are also posted on his account.


Tom Macdonald runs his own YouTube channel where he has around 813k followers. Here he has updated all his music videos for his followers to watch and enjoy. His channel also contains the links to all his other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.


Tom Macdonald remains active on all his social media platforms informing his followers and fans with all the recent updates of his life and work.

Latest news:

Tom Macdonald has recently released his new album which he has updated on his social media sites.